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One way to overcome the fear of public speaking is by developing improvisation skills. Improvisation, or improv, is the ability to deliver a speech by thinking of what you will say as you say it and not preparing it beforehand. Below are a few tips, tricks and exercises to help build your improv skills and make yourself a better public speaker.

Improvisation will help your public speaking by helping you develop:

  • Confidence and assertiveness through physical expression.
  • Ability to communicate non-verbally.
  • Ability to exert assertiveness when needed.
  • Ability to relax others non-verbally.
  • Ability to build rapport non-verbally.
  • Ability to physically blend in and feel comfortable in any environment.

Embrace positivity through Public Speaking

One of the central tenets of improvisation is “Yes, and…” This concept means we approach any new situation with a willingness to accept it and contribute positively. Accepting new situations with a positive outlook helps you engage more fully with your audience when delivering a speech. With the “Yes, and…” mind frame, you will start to see questions from the audience not as a critique of the presentation you have just delivered, but as an opportunity to explore the subject further and share knowledge. You can practice your “Yes, and…” abilities with your classmates. Together, select a random topic for discussion. Each person is allowed to say one to two sentences. The next person to speak must build off their comments by saying “yes, and,” then adding to the story line. You will be amazed at how crazy your conversation can become.

Improv Classes in Los Angeles: 

We offer beginner, intermediate & advanced improvisational acting classes

Learn to think on your feet, have fun, and get out of your head through fun improvisational games and exercises.

Being able to stay in the moment, think on your feet, and take any sudden changes in your stride makes any person both a better performer and more adept in social interactions. Learn the skills that will make you more creative, confident, and better at public speaking.

Discover characters you never knew you could play by being thrown into situations where you don’t have time to think.

You get the opportunity to showcase your talent each month through the live shows we perform. A good improviser is a great actor, but the vice-versa isn’t necessarily true. Create strong unscripted improv scenes and a compelling show. Start from scratch in our improv classes in Los Angeles.

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