Demo Reel

Create Your Best Demo Reel in Los Angeles


Do you have a reel that shows off your best performance? A well-put-together performance reel with exceptional work by the actor has become the key to getting employment in the film industry, especially in recent years.

You will receive two fully produced, edited, color-graded, 30-60 second scenes. We will help you prepare and select the right material that will showcase your acting prowess and uniqueness.

Our actor demo reel services in Los Angeles include:

  • Consultation with writers and directors. Pick or develop a script that fits you.
  • Rehearsal. Practice your performance with a partner and find your voice. A director will be on hand to offer notes. Allow yourself the time you need to get comfortable with the scene/monologue you’re planning to film. Private coaching is available during this process for an additional cost.
  • Filming. On-location filming with your partner and all the production equipment you need.
  • Post-production. The best performances will be edited including color correction, sound design, and score.
  • Deliverables: Your final edited scenes will be provided to you in a web-ready format that can be easily uploaded to Actors Access, LA Casting, Backstage, etc.

NOTE: Our editor can also add your new footage to your existing demo reels (if available) for an additional charge.

Prepare with Private Coaching

Our private acting lessons, conducted online and in-person, help you work on your acting technique from comedic to dramatic material.

Actors are encouraged to explore and work on great writing. The necessary material will be assigned ahead of time. You will develop a comprehensive set of personalized “acting tools” which you can bank on when approaching a role or a scene whether it be for film, television, or theater.

Accent Reduction

If you weren’t born in America and yet you’re playing an American, you have to sound like one in your demo reel. A host of prolific Australian actors from Russell Crowe to Cate Blanchett have all learned how to speak like Americans. Accent reduction has been crucial to their development and success in Hollywood.

At Michelle Danner Acting Studio, you will learn how speech functions and how accents develop, followed by intensive study and practice of the consonant and vowel sounds that occur in general American speech. You will learn how to deliver a standard American accent and perform contemporary monologues from film and television.

Michelle Danner Acting Studio is considered one of the best performing arts schools in the U.S. Learn more about all the classes we have to offer in addition to helping you create a powerful actor demo reel.