Voice and Speech Acting Lessons

  • Actors: beginner and intermediate


Our voice and speech class is a great way to connect your body to your emotions.

This class focuses on voice and text-based work with storytelling and solo work techniques. You will learn to access your inner strength at will, helping you improve your acting skills, and book more projects.

During these voice and speech acting lessons, students will prepare two fully memorized monologues — one contemporary and one Shakespearean. The contemporary monologue can be from TV, film, or theatre.

This voice and speech class at the Michelle Danner Acting Studio offers you a chance to work intensively with your breath, voice, physicality, and posture while performing a scene or a monologue. You will be guided through a structured rehearsal process and learn how to deliver a powerful performance at every audition.

Voice and Speech Acting Lessons

“I have taken Voice and Speech at The Michelle Danner Acting Studio for a little more than three months now, and I can truly feel the progression and the development I have made as an actress. So far I have taken small steps but I am heading towards my main goal which is to become stronger and more skilled. I have learned so much as I have been directed and used different methods to project my voice. Furthermore, I have learned how to be more calm and relaxed before and while performing. Our teacher will work with all of us individually and give everybody the same amount of time and attention to work. When you are performing you will be given all the guidance and advice you’ll need as you are the focus”.