Filmmaking Workshop — Acting School in L.A.

For Writers, Directors, Producers, and Actors!




**Online & In-Person Filmmaking Courses Available**

This workshop delivers a truly unique learning experience that will prepare you for shooting in the real world and your further education in this field!

The filmmaking class is an immersive, collaborative course designed to put our students to work. Directors, producers, and actors are teamed together and tasked with creating a professional-level short film at our filmmaking school.

During this 12-week filmmaking course, students will go through pre-production, shooting, and post-production to deliver a polished piece. Directors in-learning will be responsible for writing and directing.

The First Six Weeks

Students study the four primary elements of filmmaking: writing, production, directing, and editing. To apply the concepts they learn, students write, direct, produce, and edit two short film exercises using the provided HD cameras (Canon 5D).

The Second Six Weeks:

Each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a short film of between 6-8 minutes with multiple tracks of sound, including ambiance, sound effects, and voice over.

At the end of the filmmaking course, students’ final films are screened for their friends and family as well as the cast and the crew. Students also take home a digital master tape of all their projects at our filmmaking school.

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