Scene Study Class — Los Angeles

  • Coach: Multiple
  • Duration: 1 Day/week | 8 weeks
  • Category: Acting Class
  • Actors: All levels available
  • Highlights: Scene study acting course


  • Gain a foundation in acting and learn the tools to becoming an actor through the use of scenes & monologues from classic and contemporary theatre and film
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses under trained guidance
  • Explore how to apply a compelling backstory to your characters

Course Description

Our scene study course provides the best opportunity for committed actors to flex their acting muscles and refine their craft on a weekly basis.

This acting class allows actors to test their performance abilities in a safe and playful environment while exploring their strengths and weaknesses under a trained director’s eye.

  • Class sizes are limited to 12-16 students to ensure each actor gets adequate attention and the opportunity to work during the session.
  • Students are encouraged to work on challenging material that requires them to dive deeper into their scene work.
  • The scene study class for beginners is a fundamental course for new actors or those who have some related experience. Students learn the foundations of acting techniques through liberating emotional exercises which help warm up the actor’s instrument and introduce the tools that they will go on to apply. They explore how to apply a backstory to the characters they are creating by working on classical and contemporary scenes and monologues. Particular emphasis is devoted to learning how to make the best vocal, emotional, and physical choices.
  • The scene study class for intermediate/advanced students is tailored for actors who have had a few years of professional experience. Actors continue to build on their technical foundations with continuing emotional exercises. Students challenge and push themselves by working on bold and exciting material that requires them to explore their depths as actors.


Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles drama school has one of the best scene study acting classes I have ever taken. In Scene Study, the main objective is to understand and work on different acting techniques and methods for any sort of play. Whether you prefer dramatic, comedic, contemporary, or classic scenes/monologues you can bring it to class and work with it while a professional teacher gives you feedback and works you through it. At The Michelle Danner Acting Studio they use methods from Lee Strasberg, Konstantin Stanislavski, and Stella Adler, plus many others, as the philosophy of this school is to find the key and techniques that suit you the best.

In my current scene study class in Los Angeles, we are all working on a play together and learning how to rehearse while finding the best way to understand and getting to know our character’s personality, behavior, and objectives. This makes my acting and projection of my character a lot better and more believable as I’m beginning to understand how to feel this other persona under my skin. I am no longer just acting but actually embodying my character.

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