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Take the next step to acting in LA join our Acting School in Los Angeles. Join one of the Top Acting Schools in LA. We offer Beginner acting classes in LA. We teach film acting on camera and the Meisner, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Stanislaski acting technique.

If you’re looking to take acting classes at one of the premier acting schools in Los Angeles, Michelle Danner Acting Studio has acting classes for adults, teens, and children. We pride ourselves in being one of the best acting schools in California. Whether you’re in need of acting classes for film, theatre, or television, you’ll find what you need to help you reach your goals and break into the industry.

We teach film acting on camera and the acting methods and techniques of Meisner, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen and Stanislaski.

coaches to help you along your acting journey. Our course selection includes:

  • Audition for Film & TV
  • Scene Study
  • Improvisation
  • Film Script Analysis
  • Voice & Speech Class
  • Acting technique – Intellect/Imagination
  • Stanislavsky acting technique
  • The Method acting technique
  • Utah Hagen acting technique
  • And so much more!

What You Can Expect

When you enroll in The Michelle Danner Acting Studio, you’ll have trained actors and coveted acting coaches. We teach multiple styles and methods of acting, ranging from the Stanislavsky Method to the Meisner technique. Our acting classes require dedication and focus, so you can get the most out of your experience with our staff at the premier acting school in Los Angeles.

As one of the best acting schools in Los Angeles, we also offer our acting classes, workshops, summer camps, and more at an excellent price point. We believe that every actor should have access to the tools and resources that will set them up for success in the industry. Whether you want to be a stage actor or steal the show on the silver screen, our acting coaches and methods will help you reach your goals.

Get Started Today!

If you want to be at one of the best acting schools in the nation, contact us today to learn how you can enroll and get started. Most acting schools in Los Angeles have a limited number of classes, methods, and techniques. But at Michelle Danner Acting Studio, we have classes for teens, international students, and more, all of who have jump-started or transformed their careers. Michelle Danner has directed and coached Henry Cavill, Gerard Butler, Abigail Breslin, Zooey Deschanel, Penelope Cruz, Andy Garcia, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Seth Macfarlane, Michelle Rodriguez, Isla Fisher, Luke Wilson,Emily Van Camp, Donald Sutherland, Kyle MacLachlan, Mireille Enos, Taryn Manning, Ryan Phillippe, Chris Rock, Enrique Murciano, Josh Bowman and Norman Reedus and more. We want to help our students build their careers and develop their own Golden Box of tools and techniques to reveal their true talents.

Michelle Danner Acting Studio has an expansive network of professionals and opportunities for students as well. From working film festivals to having exclusive insight into independent film auditions, we want to help our students begin their journey at a leading acting school in Los Angeles to find the work that will fulfill and sustain them in an exciting career. Find the perfect LA acting classes for you today!

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Acting Workshops Los Angeles


The Golden Box, a two day acting intensive teaches actors to draw upon all different acting techniques and form a toolbox of their own.


Michelle Danner Golden Box technique draws upon Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov & the Stanislavsky Technique. You will form a toolbox of  your own and develop a comprehensive set of “acting tools” when approaching a role or a scene whether it be for film, television or theater. Michelle teaches acting classes in Los Angeles a technique that is effective for actors of all different levels. The Golden Box emphasizes on how to get out of one’s head and learning to completely live in the moment, by finding unique emotional triggers based on personal experiences. You will learn how to access their full range of feelings and emotions in an instant. Actors around the world have found success studying with Michelle because she takes the emphasis off of the “method”, and helps actors rediscover their own creativity.  Michelle will push you to grow out of acting, and into artistry.



beginner acting classes


Working in front of the camera is an art all by itself. You have to risk letting it capture the most secret parts of you.


Actors practice in front of the camera with sides from movies and TV shows ranging from comedy, sitcom, romantic comedy, slapstick, dark comedy, and all genres of dramatic writing. *Playback is watched on television and the big screen. Students learn to stamp their signatures on a character with unique choices. This class aims to exercise an ease working in front of the camera and the confidence to perform and to shine in every audition.


beginner acting classes


“Actors are teachers of humanity” – Michelle Danner
Scene Study provides the best opportunity for the committed actor to flex their acting muscles, and refine their craft on a consistent basis.


Actors are taught the foundations of technique through opening emotional exercises which are used to warm up the actor’s instrument and introduce the tools that will be applied to their scene work. In this acting class, students learn how to use all of their technique, and harness it for performance. Students will explore how to apply a back story to the characters that they are creating while working on contemporary and classical scenes and monologues. This weekly workout allows actors to test their performance abilities in a safe and playful environment while discovering their strengths and weaknesses with the help of a trained teacher’s eye. Emphasis is placed on learning to make the best physical, emotional, and vocal choices.


top acting school


It is no secret that there is an industry demand for skilled improv actors whom are quick on their feet and take risks with confidence.


This is an improvisational workout geared towards helping actors find creativity and enhance their skills as a performer. Build scenes, Take risks and find unique choices that are memorable, Develop strong and exciting characters, Get out of your head and open your eyes to new performance possibilities.



This is a class for Actors, Writers, Directors, and anyone who is passionate about storytelling.


Script analyze and work on scenes from different genres of screenplays, television, and plays such as Match Point, Tootsie, American Beauty, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Little Miss Sunshine, Golden Boy, The Rose Tattoo, Bridesmaids, My Week with Marilyn, and many more.

• Students will work through a thorough comprehension of breaking down
• Students will work through a thorough comprehension of breaking down story, characters, conflicts, and language from dramatic and comedic scripts.
• There will be in depth discussion of all the tools an actor applies to create their performance.
• The class will help to acquire the tools to break down a story thematically and the discipline to make powerful choices whether you are auditioning for a project or have booked the part.



Learn what you need to break through in your career and prepare the tools you need to succeed! An interactive workshop that answers questions such as:


– Getting a headshot and show reel that stands out among hundreds!
– How to get into SAG-AFTRA!
– How to create a resume that gets you called in!
– How to find agents, managers, lawyers and publications!
– How casting works!
– How to develop an individualized strategy for your career!



A great demo reel, like a great headshot, can help you get an audition.


Do you have a Demo Reel that represents you at your best?  Let’s be honest, as actor’s we work in an industry where the people that need to know who we are, are often too busy for us to make a personal introduction.  First impressions are everything, and it is important to have a Demo Reel that a CD, Agent or Manager can look at in 90 seconds and say, “I need to meet this actor!”

 Your demo reel should showcase your work and presence on camera, but it is equally important that your Demo Reel looks professional and that it represents your best work to date.  This part of putting together your Reel can be challenging if you do not have a lot of credits on your resume.



This class focuses on voice and text work with storytelling and solo work techniques.


Our unique approach to voice is designed to liberate the natural voice and thereby develop a vocal technique that serves the freedom of human expression, helping actors produce a full-bodied performance. When you access your inner strength, you’ll not only empower your acting skills, but you’ll increase your bookings.



This is a top Los Angeles Casting Director Workshop with Emmy nominated casting director Natalie Hart whose casting credits include: Heroes, Lipstick Jungle, The Event, American Dreams, High School Musical 1, 2 & 3, and Touch.


Having cast pilots for over 20 years, Natalie can give invaluable insight on auditions and what makes the difference when booking the job. She will also provide insight that all actors need to understand about the business of the business.

It is a three part class, one day a week over three weeks. Demystify the casting process & go through the casting process of a Pilot! Get prepared for pilot season. Emmy nominated Casting Director Natalie Hart will breakdown the process a casting office goes through, such as:

•   Audition technique

•   Working on co-star

•   Guest star & series regular’s scenes



Free the natural voice from obstacles that block full expression. This course will introduce the student  to the Standard American Dialect.


Actors will be required to perform one monologue-fully memorized and in front of the class using Standard American Dialect. It is to be chosen from a Contemporary source. The Contemporary monologue can be from a film, TV show, or from the theater.



This acting class will give you a well-rounded background to understanding and preparing a Shakespeare performance.


Private acting coaching with Michelle will guide you in preparing your material by helping to breakdown and analyze your sides and/or scripts in depth.



You will learn the acting technique using intellect and imagination based on the foundations of Stella Adler’s approach to acting, including action, circumstance, and justification. You will develop a foundation from which to build yourself as an actor.


Stella Adler believed that an actor’s talent lies within his imagination. She trained with Stanislavsky and studied the method, but didn’t believe that an actor needs to relive past experiences to connect with the character.

Here are the main points of this approach to acting:

Acting is Doing
The actor must always do something on stage. He looks for actions in the script (for example, “to teach, to confess, to beg”, etc.) and finds the human conflict in them. He must have a justification for each action (know exactly why he is performing each action).

Developing the Imagination
An actor develops his imagination by first observing the world around him in very specific details. He can then create specific images in his mind in order to surround himself with things that are true to him on stage. If he succeeds, the audience will see through his eyes.

Training The Mind
Actors must have a real understanding of the play in order to reveal its secrets to the audience. They must study the text and its ideas but also research the social situations of the play.

Actors need strong bodies and voices for the stage so they can bring size to their actions. Adler encouraged actors never to be small. Her students learned to always bring a bigger meaning to the text. Below is a short video where she discusses this “sense of epic” the actor must have.





Work on stage and learn the practical hands-on approach to acting utilizing the Meisner technique, Strasberg and Stella Adler’s approach to acting.



Learn one of the acting techniques that help create powerful and truthful actors!
You will learn the foundation of Sanford Meisner: exercises in repetition independent activities, emotional preparation & scene work.


The second half of the class consists of scene and monologue work, during which time you will apply what you have learned in the exercises to your roles.

The training begins with a three-month period of intensive improvisational work, including the ”Repetition Exercise” in which actors learn to take the attention off themselves and put it on their partners’ real behavior, allowing it to affect them and cause a truthful reaction.

Students then apply this strong beginning in their ability to “live truthfully” to modern scene work. The second half of the class is devoted to a heightening of this sense of truth and the actors’ emotional depth through more improvisational work and scenes.


Filmmaking Course

Each student writes, directs, and edits on short film and/or one documentary film. The final short and/or documentary will be submitted to the Cinema at the Edge Film Festival.


Learn the primary techniques of hand to hand combat (slaps and punches), all students train in learning choreography and quickly bringing fights to the performance level.


Find your voice. Tell your story.

Musical Theatre Intensive

This Intensive meets every weekend or once a week, in-depth musical theatre training, one dance combination taught each week, song preparation/vocal performance and scene work.

The Stanislavski Method

12 week intensive. The Stanislavski method is a set of techniques used by actors to portray emotions on stage by putting themselves in the place of the character. He believed in naturalistic performances that were as realistic as possible, and invented techniques that you can use to improve your acting skills.

Acting opportunities for our students

Students study who study for 6 to 12 month have the opportunity to audition for acting parts or work/intern on our latest movies, audition for the various theater productions, and participate in our yearly film festival. These opportunities give students the chance to build their resumes and IMDB credits, through practical training. Below are links to the websites you should check out for more information:

All In Films is an independent film production company. At the helm are Michelle Danner & Alexandra Guarnieri. The mission of All In Films is to produce high-quality, independent movies geared to entertain & spark social commentary. check out the website at www.allinfilms.com. **Through the improvisational classes students have the opportunity to be part of the latest Web Series “Uncensored Hollywood” & gain IMDB credit as well as add professional reel footage.Come see why we are considered one of the best acting classes in Los Angeles, CA, Our Los Angeles Acting School address is 10820 Washington Blvd Culver City CA 90232. The phone number is  310.392.0815 and our email address is 
[email protected]

Students acting in a studio in L.A.

Acting classes Los Angeles – Take acting classes with top LA acting coaches in Los Angeles.