accent reduction classes
  • Coach:
  • Duration: 1/week | 8 Weeks
  • Category: Acting Class
  • Actors: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
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Free the natural voice from obstacles that block full expression in our accent reduction classes. This 8 week acting class will introduce the student to the Standard American Dialect. Actors will be required to perform one monologue-fully memorized and in front of the class using Standard American Dialect. It is to be chosen from a Contemporary source. The Contemporary monologue can be from a film, TV show, or from the theatre.

WEEK 1: Accent Reduction Classes

Discuss Syllabus and Contemporary Monologues
Introduction to the Standard American Accent
Basic rules of dialect work

WEEK 2: Accent Reduction Classes

2nd-Freeing Process
The Spine – Support of Breath
Breathing – The source of Sound
The Touch of Sound
Introduction to IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet
Intro to basic rules – Placement, Melody, Vowels

WEEK 3: Accent Reduction Classes

Vocal Warm up- Vibrations – That amplify the initial sound
(Intermission – Workout for relaxation, the spine, the head, breathing, touch of sound, humming)
Review Basic Rules – Placement
Melody of Standard American Accent
Review IPA – Read aloud Contemporary Monologues

WEEK 4: Accent Reduction Classes

Introduction to Jaw awareness and Tongue
Begin working on Contemporary Monologues
Review Basic Rules- Placement, Melody
Introduction of 3rd Basic Element:
Pronunciation of / Vowels and Consonants

WEEK 5: Accent Reduction Classes

(Working plan for material from beginning through Chest mouth and Teeth resonators)
Continue to work on Contemporary monologues
Review : three basic Elements
Pronunciation, daily workout recommendations

WEEK 6: Accent Reduction Classes

Voice Warm up through Sinus resonator
Monologue work – applying Standard American Accent

WEEK 7: Accent Reduction Classes

Vocal Warm up
7th- Breathing Power- The Center – Articulation
Continue Monologue work – Apply Standard American Accent
Placement , Melody, Pronunciation, Drill Vowels, Consonants
Introduction of Diphthong
Introduce Intermediate Work out

WEEK 8: Accent Reduction Classes

Vocal Warm up
8th – Link to text and acting
Observations and opinions on voice and acting
(Full Voice Workout)
Final Work on Monologues


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