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This Los Angeles acting school’s philosophy is that an exciting generation of new artists can draw upon all different cutting edge acting techniques and form a toolbox of their own, their very own Golden Box. 

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Michelle Danner Acting Studio

If acting is your passion, for students of all levels, realize your dream to be an actor and learn how to act for Film, Television & Theater.

Our acting studio provides top acting classes in Los Angeles. Take the next step to acting in LA join our Acting classes Los Angeles.

Welcome to Michelle Danner Acting Studio, where you can get the best acting classes in Los Angeles that world-renowned and Oscar-nominated actors have studied. We offer acting classes, workshops, and seminars for aspiring and professional actors.

Our acting school offers beginner acting classes, as well as intermediate and advanced classes ranging from Acting for Film, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Musical TheaterMovementVoice and Speech.  We are part of an elite few of acting schools in California that have cultivated successful actors in the industry.

We offer a variety of acting classes in Los Angeles to help you hone your craft and jumpstart your career.

Our program differs from other acting studios in Los Angeles, because we teach every acting technique and method, including the Meisner technique, Lee Strasberg’s method, Stella AdlerStanislavski’s method, Uta Hagen, and the Chekhov technique.

*Auditioning for Film and Television (On Camera)-Learn the best acting techniques for film acting & auditioning.

*Scene Study-Focus on script analysis, scene work on stage, connecting to your partner, and living moment to moment.

*Improvisation – Beginner and Advanced available

*Meisner Technique – Level 1 – 4

*Stanislavski Technique – Level 1 – 4

*Acting technique based on Stella Adler Technique – Level 1 – 4

*Voice & Speech – Level 1 & 2

*Accent Reduction-private sessions

*Musical Theater*Stage Combat

*Additional Workshops

*Acting Demo Reel

*Filmmaking intensive-Learn how to make a movie.

We take a customized approach tailored for every student to help you meet your unique goals, learn new skills, and build upon existing skill sets. The Michelle Danner Acting Studio also offers online classes for beginners and classes for children and teens, so no matter your skill level, age, or experience, we can help you hone your talent and break into the industry.

Our Unique Approach

We believe that every actor has a unique skill set, and our acting classes in Los Angeles from Michelle Danner Acting Studio will help you realize your individual talents. Whether you have a flair for the dramatic or excel in comedy, our trained acting coaches are here to help you develop your very own Golden Box. The Golden Box is your own personal set of acting techniques and tools you can use when approaching a role or scene. Whether it’s film, television, or theatre, you will be empowered to embody every role or scene and showcase your true talent.

Actors Michelle has worked with

Michelle has taught acting for the last 29 years and has worked with many A-List Actors privately and on set such as Henry Cavill, Gerard Butler, Abigail Breslin, Zooey Deschanel, Penelope Cruz, Andy Garcia, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Seth Macfarlane, Michelle Rodriguez, Isla Fisher, Luke Wilson,Emily Van Camp, Donald Sutherland, Kyle MacLachlan, Mireille Enos, Taryn Manning, Ryan Phillippe, Chris Rock, Enrique Murciano, Josh Bowman.

Based on Michelle Danner’s last 30 years of supporting both A-List and up and coming actors to fulfill their maximum potential, film director and international acting coach Michelle Danner has distilled the best ideas and practices of the major acting techniques; The Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Chekhov, & Stanislavsky so artists can draw upon them and utilize the strengths of each. Every actor is unique, so you will learn to form a toolbox of your own, your very own “Golden Box”. Through studying Michelle Danner’s acting technique you will accumulate a comprehensive set of “acting tools” you can use when approaching a role or a scene, whether it be for film, television, or theater.

Get Started

If you’re ready to start your career and hone your craft with Los Angeles acting classes, Michelle Danner Acting Studio is here to help you along the journey. We know that every role, scene, production, and more requires a unique approach, so we teach you a variety of ways to connect with the character and draw out the best performance. Audition training classesdemo reels, and American dialect training are just some of the skills and courses you can participate in to help you find your niche and become a well-rounded actor. Contact us today and enroll in one of the premier acting studios in Los Angeles to join the ranks of successful actors like Zooey Deschanel, Chris Rock, Penelope Cruz, and so many more.

Michelle Danner’s drama school in Los Angeles, CA enables actors to have an exciting and supportive environment to explore acting techniques and to grow creatively and professionally.

Beginner Acting Classes at our Los Angeles Acting School

Learn Acting at one of the Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles

Is acting your life? Is it the reason you live and breathe?

Before you search for what exactly are the Best Acting Classes in Los Angeles,

Before you take the first step into the most challenging climb to the summit you could ever take, you must ask yourself such questions.

Wherever you are in your acting journey, Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school provides the tools to move to the next level. Michelle’s experience in the industry as an actor and coach of Oscar-winning actors gives her a unique insight into the world of acting!

Call us to find out about the best acting classes in Los Angeles and to learn more about our best acting teachers in Los Angeles, 310-392-0815 or email us at actingschool@michelledanner.com

Acting Classes Los Angeles | Auditions

Though each acting program boasts a distinct curriculum, students enrolling at our Los Angeles acting school can expect to take at least some if not all of the following acting courses and acting classes in Los Angeles that can be customized:

* The Actor’s Golden Box: acting technique

* Audition Training Classes & Workshops for film & television

* Scene study classes, Beginning/Intermediate/ Advanced

* Improvisation comedy classes

* Acting demo reels

* Voice, Speech

* General American Accent|Dialects

* Breaking into Hollywood the business of acting

* Private coaching|Audition Coaching/Dialogue Coaching|On-Set Coaching,

* Online Coaching| Private Acting Classes

The above acting classes are all necessary components to developing a strong foundation in your acting technique.

Upcoming Acting Workshops + Acting Classes in Los Angeles


Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school is a premier acting school in Los Angeles offering acting classes, workshops, and seminars for aspiring and professional actors.

Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school has acting classes ranging from Acting for Film, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Voice and Speech, and Casting director workshops.

Actor Demo Reels | Create Your Reel | Los Angeles

To learn about the best acting schoolacting classes in Los Angeles. CA contact Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school at 310.392.0815

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Acting School: Acting Classes in LA – Learn Acting at one of the Best Acting Schools in California, Though each acting program boasts a distinct acting curriculum, Actors enrolling at the performing arts schools in Los Angeles can expect to take at least some if not all of the following acting courses in LA: Acting for Film: Scripted TV, Movement, Improvisation, Business of Acting, Scene Study, Building a demo Reel, acting Technique and Scene Study, Singing for Actors, Voice and Speech, Stunt Workshop and accent reduction.