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In the nuanced world of acting, the difference between a good performance and a truly compelling one often lies in the actor’s ability to play each line with a clear, purposeful intention. This approach ensures that the objective behind each line sharpens into focus, transforming scripted dialogues into vivid, dynamic exchanges.


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The goal of any scene is to influence what the other character knows, does, or realizes. Consider a scenario where you’re on a date with someone you believe could be “the one,” who remains undecided. Here, your intention might be to persuade them of your potential as a partner. However, simply playing the intention of making them like you is too vague; specificity is crucial in acting. What specific actions or words would make you feel they are interested? Perhaps a particular look or a direct statement might serve as a tangible sign of their feelings. Remember, the most intriguing performances often involve objectives that are not explicitly detailed in the script. Acting advice Acting technique

While scenes have predetermined outcomes—like a kiss or a proposal—the journey to these moments should be rich with experimentation. Each line should be an active attempt to achieve your objective, whether through charm, humor, or earnest appeal. If one approach fails based on your partner’s responses, switch tactics. For instance, if an attempt to be humorous results in your partner withdrawing, perhaps a more sincere or flattering line might yield better results.

Actors often grapple with the limitation of scripted lines, but this is where the choice of subtext plays a pivotal role. Each line, such as “I like this dessert,” can be imbued with layers of meaning—from expressing interest to concealing boredom. It’s crucial to be clear on your intention for each line, as this clarity will maximize the impact of your performance. Acting advice Acting technique

Equally important is your reaction to the other actor’s lines. Are they helping you achieve your objective? Your emotional responses—be it excitement, disappointment, or frustration—should stem from these interactions, not from isolated feelings. Many actors mistakenly focus on their own emotions rather than connecting with their scene partner, whose reactions should guide the emotional landscape of the scene.

A pre-conceived notion of how to deliver your lines can hinder the authenticity of your performance. Instead, let your delivery arise naturally from what you receive from your partner. This approach requires you to enter each performance with only your intention and stakes in mind, letting all else unfold in the moment. Training methods like the Meisner Technique can be exceptionally beneficial in cultivating this kind of responsive acting. Acting advice Acting technique

For those looking to deepen their connection to their character and intentions, personalizing your approach is the next crucial step. One way to do this involves aligning your personal experiences and emotions with those of your character, enriching your portrayal with authenticity and depth. This is often referred to as Method Acting. Another way to do it is by using your imagination, more in alignment with Stella Adler’s approach.

By mastering these techniques, you can ensure that your performance not only captivates but also resonates deeply with your audience, keeping them engaged and eager to see what happens next.


Acting advice Acting technique


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