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Michelle Danner Acting School offers online acting classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Learn the best acting techniques for film acting and auditioning. You will build an acting foundation that can prepare you to launch your acting career.

Taking acting lessons online is easy, affordable, and effective. Michelle Danner and her faculty are highly experienced online acting coaches who prepare actors to work in the film and television industry. In your virtual acting class you will get personal feedback as you work directly with top industry acting coaches in a small intimate group.

When you enroll in our online acting classes, you will have access to classes like Accent Reduction, Film/Script Analysis, Breaking into the Industry, and so much more. Get started today!

How It Works

When taking acting lessons online, you can participate from anywhere in the world! Each acting course runs for either four or eight consecutive weeks. Every online class meets once a week for two hours and covers a new topic. Just because you’re not in person doesn’t mean the quality of the course will suffer. Each of our online acting classes takes a guided, structured approach to learning acting with our top Hollywood acting coaches.

Once you have registered for the acting workshop, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to join the online class. All classes are held in virtual classrooms with Zoom, where you’ll experience real-time, live interaction with your acting coach and classmates.

Reach Your Acting Goals

We know how difficult it can be to get work as an actor. Juggling separate gigs, day jobs, family life, and friends takes up a lot of time, but our convenient acting lessons held online allow flexibility to cultivate your acting talent. Our online acting coaches work with you to create a customized approach you can draw from in every acting situation. Whether you’re taking classes in-person or online, our acting coaches are committed to helping actors attain excellence and break into the industry. From creating a reel to calling it a wrap on the last day of filming, the tools and resources you gather from Michelle Danner Acting Studio will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our online acting classes and sharpen your skills for your next audition.

Develop Your Unique Skills

No two actors are alike. We all have different strengths, styles, and skills. Our Golden Box approach is taught in Michelle Danner’s online acting classes and focuses on helping actors find what makes them tick. From owning the audition room the second they walk in the door, to finding ways to truly relate and empathize with a character or scene, our online acting coaches will work closely with students in our acting lessons online to help you find unique tools to fill your very own Golden Box.

The Benefits of Online Acting Classes

We know how busy life can be as a working actor. Whether you’re just starting out or are booked for a few months, taking a virtual acting class is an effective and resourceful way to sharpen your skills. Los Angeles isn’t accessible for everyone, but you can reap all the benefits of taking a reputable and comprehensive acting class with Michelle Danner Acting Studio.

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Whether you are starting out or a seasoned professional actor, the Michelle Danner Los Angeles acting school provides you with the best training in the world no matter where you live!

Actors preparing to embark on the journey to Hollywood can obtain a huge advantage over their competitors by receiving exceptional acting training prior to their move.

An actor’s success in the entertainment industry relies on his training and current knowledge of the business.

Once you have paid and signed up for the course, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to join the class.

Classes are held in virtual classrooms with Zoom. 

Experience real time live interaction with your instructor and your classmates. 

Acting 101 – online interactive acting class

Best online acting class to take to prepare you for film and television acting, You can experience real time live interaction with your instructor and your classmates. Our online interactive acting classes will focus on the Sanford Meisner and Stella Adler techniques where students get exercises in repetition independent activities, emotional preparation & scene work.

You will receive comedic or dramatic to work on every week as well as assignments via email.

Auditioning for Film and TV On Camera – online interactive class

Practice in front of the camera with sides from movies & TV.

Actors will be given sides from movies and TV shows ranging from comedy, sitcom, romantic comedy, slapstick, black comedy, and all genres of dramatic writing. Students learn to stamp their signatures on a character with unique choices. This class aims to exercise an ease working in front of the camera and the confidence to perform and to shine in every audition.


Self-tape Auditioning for Film and TV On Camera – online interactive class

Learn how you can submit for a film and TV part from anywhere in the country and the world to be considered for projects that are casting in Hollywood and else where.

online acting class

How to use your Anxiety to manifest your potential-online interactive class class 

– Act on the motivational message behind your anxiety.– Address the cognitive, biochemical and structural aspects of anxiety to experience immediate and long term results.– End anxiety by tapping into your inner wisdom to discover your true path in life.Experience proven tools and techniques to rewire the brain so that a new normal can be achieved. Build your own anxiety relief toolkit choosing from ancient practices proven throughout the millennia,


Improvisation Workout – online interactive class

Become more confident in you as a performer by taking chances in a non-judgmental environment. Get out of your own head through fun improvisational games and exercises. Discover characters you never knew you could play by being thrown into situations where you don’t have time to think.

Accent reduction / Voice and speech – online interactive class

Connect your body to your voice and emotions.

Actors will work on obtaining a standard American accent as well as their voice and speech by performing contemporary monologues from film, TV show, or from the theatre.

Learn how to analyze a film and TV script – online interactive class

Students analyze and work on scenes from different genres of television & films. Material includes scripts from Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films. Students will learn and work through a thorough comprehension of breaking down story, characters, conflicts, and language from dramatic and comedic scripts.

There will be in depth discussion of all the tools an actor applies to create their performance.



 Learn how you can submit for a film and TV part from anywhere in the country and the world to be considered for projects that are casting in Hollywood and else where.

 What training do I need to become an actor? How do I find roles to audition for? How do I book an audition? How do I book an acting job? This intensive gives you the road map to learning how you can work in the industry as an actor and gives you the tools you need to break into Hollywood.

Creative Writing Workshops  – online interactive class

Have a great idea for a script/novel/play/stand up/sketch?

Learn the fundamentals for creative writing, understand story structure and get into the writers routine and mindset.

*One student will be chosen to write an episode for our hit web series “Uncensored Hollywood”.

Private Coaching with our instructors- online interactive acting class

Work on your acting technique from comedic to dramatic material.

Actors are encouraged to explore and work on great writing. Material will be assigned ahead of time.

You will form a toolbox of your own and develop a comprehensive set of “acting tools” when approaching a role or a scene whether it be for film, television or theater.

Private Coaching with Michelle Danner – online interactive acting class

Work on your acting technique from comedic to dramatic material. Actors are encouraged to explore and work on great writing. Bring your own audition pieces or Michelle can assign material ahead of time!

*You will receive comedic or dramatic material based on your preferences, as well as assignments via email. 

*The classes will be in small groups of less than 12 students.

Online acting classes with the best interactive online courses for Acting 101, ESL, Accent Reduction, Voice & Speech and Acting Classes. Our online classes are kept small therefore, giving each student a stellar online education.

Looking for acting classes in LA? Aspiring actors interested in enrolling in our acting programs can do so online at different times over the course of the year.