Online Acting Classes for Kids and Teens

Art isn’t just learning… it’s fun! The future needs artists!

“All the world’s a stage.” William Shakespeare

Help your children remain active while they participate in exciting and engaging online acting classes.

Classes are held virtually on Zoom.

Experience live interaction with your acting coaches and classmates. 



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Acting & Improvisation — Online Classes for Teens & Kids

Ages 8–12 years and 13–17 years

In this online interactive class, students will develop a solid acting technique and foundation by working on fun improvisational games and exercises. Students will also work on auditioning for film and television and practice auditioning techniques. They will also be working on scenes and monologues from genres like comedy and drama.

Our online acting classes for kids and teens help prepare your children for film and television. The classes can be taken in person and online. Our virtual classes are delivered in real-time on Zoom. If you need an online acting coach for your child, please call or email us. Our students receive live interaction with their acting coaches and classmates.

For queries or to enroll in our acting school in Los Angeles, please call us regarding the acting classes for kids or a summer camp 310-392-0815 or email [email protected]

Improvisation — Online Acting Classes for Teens & Kids

The perfect way to laugh, connect, and have fun!!

Students will learn the foundations of improvisation and laugh, have fun, and connect with other kids. They’ll learn to think on their feet, become more confident, and develop stage presence! This beginner improvisation comedy class teaches the fundamentals of improvisation through games and exercises that help to develop strong ensemble and character work.

Please call us for available dates and times and to book acting classes for kids or a summer camp. Call the acting school at 310-392-0815 or email [email protected]

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Create Your Own YouTube Channel — Online Content Creation Classes

Ages: 8–12 years, 13–17 years

Your child will be the star of their own show with a YouTube channel that they create themselves.

At the beginning of our Content Creation online acting class for kids and teens, students will learn how to utilize fundamental YouTube features and create content around their specific passions and interests.

By the end of the course, students will have learned to set up their own YouTube channel from scratch, configure their live stream, engage a live audience on Twitch, and create engaging online content.

Your kid or teenager will also learn to plan a production schedule, script a video, set up lighting, and add special effects to video. We also touch on the importance of creating custom video thumbnails and channel graphics. Students learn how to post polished pieces and build an audience. As a capstone, students will shoot one final video at our acting studio in any style you choose.

Our online acting classes for teens are available virtually and in-person. Online classes are hosted on Zoom and provide live interaction with your acting coaches and classmates.

Please call us for available dates and times and to book acting classes for kids or a summer camp. Call the acting school at 310-392-0815 or email [email protected]

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Filmmaking & Acting — Online Classes for Teens

Students shoot, act in, and edit their own movie while discovering how films are made. They’ll compose a story and learn the fundamentals of acting and filmmaking. They’ll learn how to plan a production schedule end-to-end and execute it while shooting their own short films in HD.

What students learn:

  • The movie-making process start to finish
  • How to use a camera to experiment with shooting techniques
  • How to work on a team
  • How to give and receive constructive feedback

What students create:

  • 1 short film, Commercial, or PSA

Our filmmaking and online acting classes for kids and teens will teach your child how to master the movie production process and express their own creative voice through storytelling! They’ll develop a story idea in conjunction with a production team, and then turn that into a viable script. They’ll master different camera angles and capture unique shots to create an exciting movie all their own.

Please call us for available dates and times and to book acting classes for kids or a summer camp. Call the acting school at 310-392-0815 or email [email protected]

Teens in front of a green screen learning filmmaking

Film Summer Camp — Online Classes for Teens & Kids

Ages: 8–12 years and 13–17 years

If your child or teen is interested in the filmmaking process, consider enrolling them in our film summer camp. Our camps help aspiring filmmakers learn how to operate a camera and light a scene, and how to tell stories that will captivate audiences around the world. Your child will learn the essentials of filmmaking while creating a fun and supportive environment where they can pursue their passion.

Please reach out to us for available dates and times at [email protected] or call us at 310-392-0815.

Acting Summer Camp-Online Classes for Teens & Kids

Ages: 8–12 years and 13–17 years

In this online acting summer camp, students will develop their own acting technique and a strong foundation to build off of for years to come. They’ll participate in improvisation games and exercises, and learn to audition for film and television on camera. Each child gets to practice auditioning techniques and gets on-camera experience.

This is an interactive online acting class where kids receive hands-on experience acting out scenes and monologues. In our acting summer camps for kids, students work with top acting coaches and filmmakers from Hollywood to learn the fundamental skills of acting for the camera. This online acting summer camp includes kids and teens and is taught on Zoom.

Please call us for available dates and times and to book acting classes for kids or a summer camp call the acting school at 310-392-0815 or email [email protected]

Online Workshops

Ages: 8–12 years and 13–17 years

Online Workshop | Breaking Into Hollywood | The Roadmap To Working As An Actor

Enroll in an online workshop taught by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner. This is a live interactive acting class delivered on Zoom.

Participants learn how to submit an entry for a film and TV role, from anywhere in the country or the world, and be considered for projects that are being cast in Hollywood and elsewhere.

This intensive workshop provides the roadmap on how your child can work in the industry as an actor and gives them the tools they need to break into Hollywood. By the end of this online acting class for teens, they will understand how to audition, how to market themselves, and about the agent representation process.

This class is for actors who:

  • need an agent
  • have an agent but need to find work
  • are unsatisfied with the auditions they’re getting
  • are trying to level up

An Interactive Workshop That Answers Your Questions

Want to know how to get a showreel and headshots that stand out? Or how to develop a resume that gets you called in? What about how to get into SAG-AFTRA or how to get acting work without an agent?

Our interactive online acting classes for teens answer all of your questions and more. We show how casting works in real life and how to develop a personalized strategy for your child’s career. We also cover how to find roles to audition for, how to find an agent, how to book an audition.

Our online acting classes for teens thoroughly prepare students for film and television acting and give them the training they need to succeed as an actor. We help your teen grow and develop their acting skills and career.

The classes are offered both in-person and online. Virtual classes are hosted on Zoom.

Reach our acting school in Los Angeles at (310) 392-0815 or email us at [email protected].

We also offer virtual classes for topics such as Acting 101, ESL, Accent Reduction, and Voice & Speech for Acting.

The batch sizes for our online acting classes for kids and teens are kept small, giving each student a focused, stellar education. Parents of aspiring actors interested in enrolling in our programs can do so online at different times throughout the year.

Note: We don’t offer free online acting classes, but we do have discounted online courses and beginner acting classes. Contact us to learn more.