How Acting Lessons can help Lawyers Convey Their Messages in the courtroom.

For actors and lawyers, the key to a winning performance is not what they say but how they say it. The key to great advocacy, like great acting, is authenticity and compelling story telling.


Don’t be surprised. What can an actor have to teach an attorney? Acting, improvisation, communicating, moving on stage. Sounds like an acting class.

A lawyer’s education is mostly about the law; but the practical application of law requires research, practice, experience and some knowledge of speech and acting skills that may not taught in depth in most law schools–just few classes on courtroom procedure, some mock trials, etc.

So, how does a litigator gain those communication skills that help him win over a judge and jury, how does an attorney present deposition to court, help a witness remain credible, even though he or she may be scared to death of being on the courtroom stage.

Our special workshop can be taken privately or in a group setting. The workshop prepares Lawyers to effectively communicate in the courtroom. The class uses theatre exercises, warm-ups, improvisation and other methods leading up to storytelling.

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In life, the abilities to write and speak are two fundamental skills in being successful. Public speaking and oral communication skills are key to attracting new business, solidifying connections and maintaining client relationships. On paper, every candidate may make the same promises, but when it comes to presenting that message, some deliver while others fizzle out.

Give yourself a competitive edge at work or in life. Improvisation is a great opportunity to learn how to improvise and be quick on your feet given any situation. Contact Michelle Danner Los Angles Acting School for more information for acting classes in los Angeles

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