Improv Classes — Los Angeles

  • Coach: Derek Reid
  • Duration: 1 Day/week for 8 weeks
  • Category: improvisation
  • Actors: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Highlights: Comedy showcase

Want to give yourself a competitive edge on stage, in the audition room, or just in life? Improv is an excellent way to do that. Have some fun and fuel your imagination! Join our improv classes today!


It is no secret that there is a demand for skilled improv actors who are quick on their feet and can take risks with confidence. This course is an improvisational workout designed to help actors unlock creativity and enhance their performance skills. Develop scenes, take risks and find unique, memorable choices. During our improv course, you will develop strong and exciting characters, push your boundaries, and open your eyes to new performance possibilities.

Improv Classes Los Angeles: Improv Workout

Practice and learn to connect to the spontaneity within.

  • Improve your comedic and audition skills
  • Take risks with the freedom of play and overcome mental blocks
  • Work out and strengthen your impulses
  • Heighten and explore your passion and emotions through your voice and actions
  • Develop your creativity and learn to back your instincts through scene work and theater games
  • Have your characters think on their feet as quickly as you can on yours
  • Unshackle yourself from self-imposed restrictions in a safe, supportive space

Improv Classes in Los Angeles

We offer beginner, intermediate & advanced improvisational acting classes

Learn to think on your feet, have fun, and get out of your head through fun improvisational games and exercises.

Being able to stay in the moment, think on your feet, and take any sudden changes in your stride makes any person both a better performer and more adept in social interactions. Learn the skills that will make you more creative, confident, and better at public speaking.

Discover characters you never knew you could play by being thrown into situations where you don’t have time to think.

Improv Level 1

  1. Improvise game-based comedic scenes
  2. Learn different ways to generate ideas, and never “go blank” again
  3. Give yourself a stage presence in any situation
  4. Bolster your sense of humor and comedic timing

No prior performing or improv experience is necessary. This class introduces you to the basics of performing long-form improv.

Time: Thursday 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm or 6 pm-9pm

Those who pass Improv levels 1 and 2 and wish to continue taking classes would need to audition for the advanced level. Online improv classes are available as well.

You get the opportunity to showcase your talent each month through the live shows we perform. A good improviser is a great actor, but the vice-versa isn’t necessarily true. Create strong unscripted improv scenes and a compelling show. Start from scratch in our improv classes in Los Angeles.

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