Private Acting Lessons in L.A.

  • Coach: Various Acting Coaches
  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Category: Private lessons
  • Actors: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Highlights: One-on-one coaching with a renowned acting coach


Michelle Danner and her faculty offer private acting lessons for those who are serious about honing their craft. Whether you have that dream audition approaching or you have already booked the role, a one-on-one session with a private acting tutor will give you the extra boost you need to produce your best work. During a session, Michelle will guide your preparation by helping you to break down and analyze your sides and/or scripts in depth. She will then help you make specific and bold choices that will allow you to bring the character to life. Private acting lessons can be an invaluable tool that can take your career to the next level.

Option 1:

Auditioning for Film and Television-Recommended time for private lesson: At least one hour.

This allows you to work on your upcoming auditions. You can also have your acting coach pick sides for you to work on from the latest movies and television series, including all genres from romantic comedy to sitcoms and drama. Learn how to make unique choices for your audition during these acting lessons.


Option 2:

Acting Technique: The Golden Box- Recommended time for private classes: 10 hours

This is a 10-hour class that can be taken over the course of a month, in one or two hour sessions.

Discover the answers to the following questions:

  • How does one deliver an arresting, unforgettable performance?
  • Why are some acting choices more powerful than others?
  • How does one create a personal story from scratch?
  • What specific tools can be applied to stage, film, and television work?

Option 3:

Script Analysis for Film, Television, and Plays-Recommended time for private lesson: Two hours per script.

During these private acting lessons, students will learn the mechanics of breaking down a story from screenplays, television, and theater using both dramatic and comedic scripts. Explore all the tools an actor can apply to deliver a memorable performance. Learn to make powerful choices for auditioning or parts you have booked. You will receive the script ahead of time to read.


Option 4:

Scene Study-Recommended time: Start with one hour private lesson.

Work on your acting techniques for all kinds of material from comedic to dramatic. Actors are encouraged to push their boundaries and work on quality writing. The material will be assigned to you ahead of time.

Private Acting Lessons with a Renowned Acting Tutor

Develop your own toolbox of acting techniques that you can use to deliver a powerful performance for film, television, and theater.

Work on your acting techniques for a range of genres. Actors are encouraged to explore their depths and rehearse using quality writing. Bring your own audition pieces or have Michelle assign material to you ahead of time!

About Michelle Danner

Michelle Danner is considered to be one of the top acting coaches in Los Angeles as well as an accomplished author and film and stage director. Michelle’s father opened the very first William Morris Agency in Paris, France, instilling in her a strong passion and work ethic that has stayed with her throughout her life. Michelle trained extensively in New York and Paris with Uta Hagen and Stella Adler. She has served as the Managing Director of the Larry Moss Studio since it was founded over 20 years ago.

Michelle has taught acting for over 27 years and has worked with many A-list actors on-set and in private acting lessons. She was voted as the favorite acting coach by Backstage readers. She was brought in as an expert coach on the WB show The Starlet and was featured on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. She teaches the Golden Box Acting workshops and acting lessons in South America, Europe, Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai, New York, and Sydney.

She worked with actors such as: Henry Cavill, Gerard Butler, Abigail Breslin, Zooey Deschanel, Penelope Cruz, Andy Garcia, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Seth Macfarlane, Michelle Rodriguez, Isla Fisher, Luke Wilson,Emily Van Camp, Donald Sutherland, Kyle MacLachlan, Mireille Enos, Taryn Manning, Ryan Phillippe, Chris Rock, Enrique Murciano, Josh Bowman.

Danner is the Founding Director of the Creative Center for the Arts (formerly known as the Edgemar Center for the Arts) and raised $1.3 million to construct the two theaters and the art gallery there. Michelle currently serves as the Artistic Director at the center and teaches ongoing acting classes in LA at the Michelle Danner Acting Studio.

Her highlights at the Creative Center for the Arts include pioneering works, such as You’re on the Air, an improv-based comedy that she wrote and directed, and The Night of the Black Cat which premiered worldwide and won 2005 Best Musical of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards. She directed the world premiere of Mental the Musical and co-directed the prolific Jane Fonda in the Court of Public Opinion starring Anne Archer.

Michelle has acted in and directed more than thirty musicals and plays. Her favorite acting credits include Tennessee Williams’s The Rose TattooHouse of YesBright Ideas, Ibsen’s Ghosts, and One White Crow.

In 2006, she made her feature film directing debut How to go Out on a Date in Queens which was nominated and won four L.A. Film Awards including Best Director. Her second film, Hello Herman starring Norman Reedus, Martha Higareda, and Garrett Backstrom, won four L.A. Film Awards including Best Director. The film premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and had its international premiere at the Monaco Charity Film Festival where it won the award for social relevance. It opened theatrically nationwide and was distributed by Warner Brothers. Her production company, All in Films, has several other projects in the works.

She is putting the finishing touches on her acting book, The Golden Box, which will be released this year.

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