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ESL for Actors
(English as a Second Language)

Learn English through acting and film

The ESL program specializes in providing its students with practical, hands-on learning. Students spend time developing vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, all while gaining practical experience that will benefit them in the entertainment industry. Through informal conversation, students will practice the daily conversations necessary for living in America. They learn to avoid rudimentary mistakes, learn commonly used words, and pick up the rhythm and musicality of American English. By spending an entire class period working on conversational skill, our ESL class prepares its students for the rigors of living, working, and succeeding in America.

Advanced / Beginner English for Actors at the Michelle Danner Los Angeles Acting Studio focuses on English language development through the art of acting.

By pairing English and drama together, we remove students from the traditional classroom setting and ecourage learning through life, by acting out real world situations.

Students will work on and improve their English through watching movies, and reading and analyzing film screenplays. Students will be analyzing scripts from Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films, such as The Great Gatsby, Les Miserable, Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, Bridesmaids, Atonement, Juno, The Godfather, Birdman, and many more. In the process, you will expand your vocabulary, pick up American speaking rhythm and tonality, and learn to improvise.

You will develop essential language skills – reading & listening comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Each class will fuse skill development with the practice of theatre and film performance and production, which may include: improvisation, grammar worksheets, focused discussion, reading samples, script analysis, in-class writing, pronunciation and articulation development, and watching / commenting on works of theatre and film.

VISA sponsorship available with OPT (Optional Practical Training), which allows you to work in the country after your studies end.  (ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE 6 OR 12 MONTH ACTING PROGRAM)

ESL: Acting in English Level 1

3,6, or 12 Month Programs

Through text analysis, table reading, and guided rehearsal, students explore the vocabulary, grammar, subtext and context of a given comedic or dramatic film script.  The program focuses on building a foundation for students to grow through a firm acting technique, voice and speech work as well as scene work. The goal is to develop the students’ language skills on multiple levels with a focus on improving their ability to perform in English.  Students will be using the language point through drama and comedic films rather than talking about how the language is used.

Having students perform a short drama or comedic script/monologue that they’ve developed combines a number of production skills through working in groups. Some of the territory covered includes:

Writing skills – writing up the script

Pronunciation – working on stress and intonation when acting

Focus on specific terminology depending on subject – including target vocabulary taken from previous lessons

Negotiation skills with other students – working together to choose a romantic, comedic film, choosing appropriate language for lines

Improving confidence – acting in front of others

Pick films and television from all gendres: comedic, dramatic, action and learn reading and vocabulary,  pick a scene from the script to perform on stage to practice pronunciation, improvisation is also used to learn and understand English better.

Learning Goals

Develop Language Skills – reading, listening comprehension, critical thinking

Understand how to break down a scene and analyze a character.

Performance Goals

Rehearse and tape film scenes to be analyzed and critiqued in class.
Break down, analyze, and rehearse selected monologues and scenes to perform it in front of a live audience.

ESL: Acting in English Level 2

3,6, or 12 Month Programs

For students wanting to bring their English to a higher level and develop their creative writing skills

Students will advance to the next level of classes and continue to focus on applying the techniques they have learned. They will be given more challenging scene work, on camera exercises, and film shoots to develop and hone their screen-acting ability. This program culminates with a public presentation of a short drama script that they’ve developed, combining all of their newly acquired skills through working in groups.

Learning Goals

Develop communicative skills – fomulate, express and defened individual ideas and opinions when working

 Writing skills – writing up the script

 Pronunciation – working on stress and intonation when acting

 Focus on specific terminology depending on subject – including target vocabulary taken from previous lessons

 Negotiation skills with other students – working together to choose a romantic film, choosing appropriate language for lines

 Improving confidence – acting in front of others

Performance Goals

Perform scenes and workshop exercises

Develop, rehearse, and perform in a profession theatrical or film production with an invited audience.

FINAL PROJECT: Writing a Drama Script

 Aim: Building conversational and team working skills in English

Activity: Creating an English drama script based on a romantic film

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