offers more than just a good degree.

Our unique approach to social enterprise
our global reputation

Our unique approach to social enterprise and our global reputation for producing graduates with exceptional employability reflects our commitment to this, making us the choice for your future.

25 december 2013

Leads the way in recovery

The economy is now almost four per cent bigger than it was 12 months ago and growing twice last year.

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25 december 2013

social innovation conference

will play host to the 6th International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC) between 1-3 September.

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25 december 2013

The University welcomes

The University welcomed over 1,826 visitors to last week’s Open Day on Saturday 16 August.

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Why to choose us?

The University offers more than just a good degree. Our unique approach to social enterprise.


International students

Students can expect to find high quality academic teachings, first class resources and a friendly, environment.


Prospective Students

We offer a unique education experience taught using a variety of methods, in innovative facilities


Teachers, Advisers

Team offers a variety of sessions and activities including workshops, presentations.

Coming up courses

Search for a course at the University – undergraduate, taught postgraduate courses, research degrees, as well as short courses for professional development by using the course finder.

International Social Innovation Conference

Is an open conference that brings together scholars from around the globe to discuss the role of innovation in social businesses.

Duration: 6 hours Prof Derek Campbell

Conference – Approaches to Inequalities

The conference theme will focus on proposing ways of addressing the patterns of inequality within Higher Education and to share good practice.

Duration: 6 hours Prof Derek Campbell

Travel and the country house

Travel has long played a vital role in shaping the country house, opening up horizons and exposing both house and owner to a variety of external influences.

Duration: 6 hours Prof Derek Campbell

Justice Seminar

We will be hosting a series of seminars on the first Thursday of every month between 12.15 and 1.30 pm with a sandwich lunch

Duration: 6 hours Prof Derek Campbell


Students’ Union

An exciting community led by students, membership of the Students’ Union helps ensure that your time at the University is fulfilling and unforgettable – providing access to many sporting events and societies.

Study with us

The University enables students to have an exciting social life whilst providing a supportive environment for their studies through student support.

Strengthening the support available for students is a wide range of information, advice and guidance provided by student services and an equally wide range of services and facilities.

One such example of the way a student’s life is catered for both socially and academically is through The Students’ Union, an organisation invested in making a student’s time at the University a positive one. Visit The Students’ Union website for further information.

  • There is a wealth of clubs, free sports and societies woven.
  • Activities such as archery, basketball, boxing, Judo, rugby, swimming and tennis.
  • Regular football, rugby and cricket matches taking place near to the University.

There are also a variety of societies including the Afro-Caribbean Society, Amateur Dramatics and various societies supporting faith interests, academic topics. If you’re looking for something different you won’t be disappointed.