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What are the most important techniques to focus on for auditions if only given two days or less to prepare? How much time should you spend on it?

When you get sides first thing you want to do is read them obviously for comprehension. One of the very important questions that you can ask yourself is what do I understand about this event? If you break down the scene with four words which is

The event, trying to figure out whats going on in this scene

Who the person is to you in the scene emotionally-the relationship

The thing that you want the most in the scene that will drive you through it

and the stakes which is the question to ask what will happen to you if you don’t get it. 

If you sit and answer those questions emotionally you will sail in any audition.

In addition to that you want to find the thing that starts you off-the first button, the domino, the trigger in the scene. Then once you identify what that is, that will feed you and drive you through.

You could also ask yourself the as-if. Once you walk into the right as-if that can make you sail through it. So the breaking down of it-and at a certain point take those sides and throw them on the floor and go I am able to improvise this event, I understand what this event is about and can improvise the scene- that gives you enormous freedom from holding sides.

How much should you prepare?  As much as you can sometimes your gut will tell you if you feel that you understand the scene maybe you prepare a little less. Your instinct will tell you how much work to put into it. Just remember that if you don’t put a lot of work into it there are  20-30 people in line behind you that will.

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