ONE – 20 – 40 age range

  • A son tells his neglectful father about how he learned to shave.

Son: Nope. Picked up the blade when at 14 and never looked back. Ma never wanted me to shave. I thought she didn’t want me to grow up, or something like that, but now I understand. She would always say to me… every time, she would say, “It’s gonna grow back thicker”. First couple times weren’t too bad. A little irritation, no cuts, everything was fine. Next thing I know, I start getting all these bumps. I would let it grow out, they would disappear, and I would shave again. I would get more, every time I shaved, and I started to pick at them. I couldn’t pop’em fast enough. Then it started feeling like I had steel pushing out of my pores. Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t sleep at night. Ma tried to warn me and I didn’t listen. I would go to bed mad at you. Thinkin’ you did this to me. Try and put you out of my head and there you are just beneath the surface pushing up. Pushing pain.


THE ROOKIE COP – 35-65 age range

  • A veteran cop schools his new rookie partner on how to do the job, and they both make an electrifying discovery.

Cop: I gotta be honest: I’ve never seen a grown man cry. Let alone one your size. Is that what you do when things get rough? You cry?

My dad used to beat the hell out of me if he even saw my lip quiver. But I don’t hold a grudge. Made me strong. And to do this job, YOU have to be strong. You can’t excuse yourself every time you see something that upsets you.

You think this is hard? My first week on the force, my partner and I got an emergency call. Got over to Sully’s on 18th and there was a kid just shootin’ barflies at random. The girl pouring drinks was already dead, couple of the patrons too. Then he pointed his gun at me. I had no choice, and I put one right between his eyes.

Coroner told us he was all fucked up on meth. He was nine years old. I’ll never forget, his name was Travis Devereaux.

Oh my god. Who was he? Cousin? Brother??

Why didn’t you tell me?! Riding around all morning and you didn’t think that important to mention? Hey come back here. Stop crying and get over here, we got a job to do!


WASTED TALENT – 20+ age range

  • Donnie laments the loss of a good friend and a great musician.

Donnie: He stopped believing, that’s it, that’s why he failed…he quit. So much talent, so much potential but he stopped believing in himself…he lost his way cause he couldn’t figure out what to do next with his career and I guess all the stress added up and finally broke him…his music was great…I would listen to it all the time…it would get me into a pumped up emotional state and his lyrics never got old…no one gave him a chance but I think that in today’s world that doesn’t matter; he didn’t give himself the chance to take control of his career the way I knew he could have. Maybe it was fear from doubting himself and it crippled his ambition.

He did it for so long with no financial gain, no recognition for his genius and he couldn’t do it no more…he gave up and that’s why he hung himself in his studio; he couldn’t do it anymore.

It pains me because I believed in the guy more than he believed in himself. He forgot the number one lesson which is to do what you love for the sake of the journey…nothing is more rewarding than that. He lost sight of that. He forgot what it’s all about. It’s not about money or fame or compliments…it’s about expressing yourself creatively because it’s what your soul needs to do and enjoying the process. He lost track of that enjoyment and instead found himself caught up with what most people get stuck on…

I wish I somehow knew how deep he’d fell off in his belief cause I— (pause.)

I will miss him very much, he was a dear friend and a talented artist and the world has been robbed of his contribution to humanity.

It hurts. It’s sad. It didn’t have to happen this way.








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