Working Girl


Jack: So what kind of figures have you been throwing out? 

Tess: Well, no exact figures yet.

Jack: Well, what’s their ballpark?

Tess: Well, I wanted to get them excited about the concept before I start throwing actual figures at them. 

Jack: Well, are they excited?

Tess: They’re going to be.

Jack: Well, wait a minute. I’ve been working on this thing for 36 hours straight, trying to put this thing together. I got a progress meeting with my…the head of my department at 2:00. Now where the hell exactly are we?! 

Tess: Don’t yell at me!

Jack: Hey.  Answer me!

Tess: Well, I uh, as a matter of fact, I am gonna see Trask himself tomorrow. I feel that we’re strong enough to go right to him. 

Jack: Oh. All right. Where are we meeting him? What time? 

Tess: He’s not expecting both of us.

Jack: Are you trying to fly this thing without me?!

Tess: No!  I wouldn’t do that.

Jack: You go and set up this meeting without me. What does…what does that say? What the hell kind of way to do business is this?! 

Tess: Would you calm down?

Jack: How am I supposed to calm down? One lost deal is all it takes to get canned there days. Look, the line buttons on my phone all have an inch of little pieces of tape piled on. The names of new guys over the names of old guys, good men who aren’t at the other end of their line anymore, all ’cause of one lost deal. I don’t want to get buried under a little piece of tape. 

Tess: No one’s trying to bury you under a little piece of tape. 

Jack: Okay, so I’ve been in a little bit of a slump. I’m not afraid to admit it. There it is. Look, give me a break here. Don’t go leading me on. If you’ve got some doubts about me, say ’em to my face. Give me that much. 

Tess: I don’t have any doubts about you.

Jack: Okay.  You need me…you know.

Tess: I mean, any doubts about your ability.

Jack: You need me at that meeting.

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