Learning Improv

Give yourself an Edge at Work Improv comedy training gives actors a toolbox of skills that allow them to bring their talent to life on stage. Learning Improv skills work just as well on the business stage as they do in a theater.  Learn to walk onto a stage or in the boardroom and connect with…


Working Girl Film Scene

SCENE 46 Jack: So what kind of figures have you been throwing out?  Tess: Well, no exact figures yet. Jack: Well, what’s their ballpark? Tess: Well, I wanted to get them excited about the concept before I start throwing actual figures at them.  Jack: Well, are they excited? Tess: They’re going to be. Jack: Well,…

Stella Adler

Stella Adler Technique

Are you interested in learning the Stella Adler Technique in Los Angeles? You will learn the Stella Adler Technique and explore the language and principles of Stella Adler’s approach to acting, including action, circumstance, and justification. You will develop a foundation from which to build yourself as an actor. Stella Adler believed that an actor’s…