Scene Directory for Actors

If you have an audition or workshop coming up and need new material to practice with, this is just the right place for you. Find dozens of TV and film acting monologues — both female and male — as well as scenes curated by Michelle Danner Acting Studio.
You’ll find a wide variety of genres, styles, and time periods to choose from. Simply find a script that matches the performance you want to deliver and begin rehearsing! 

Why Is Scene Work so Important?

Acting is all about relationships. You have to connect with the actors on stage, with your character, and with yourself to tell a great story. A truly compelling performance comes from within — when you’re living the character, not just voicing them.

This only comes with practice. Even if you are receiving regular bookings as an actor, make sure you’re putting some time into independent scene-work outside of your paid opportunities. This could be for an acting class, creating new demo reels or simply a private acting collective with some of your peers.

Acting monologues, like the ones listed below, are an excellent device to refine your craft and come up with unique choices that you can mentally file away for your next cold read.

Monologues & Scene Scripts


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